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Deal Questions

How do I buy a deal?

To buy a deal you need to follow these five simple steps:

  1. Click the pink "Get it" button on mydealbag
  2. Read the deal fine print on our partner deal site
  3. Click the "Buy" button on our partner site
  4. Create an account on the partner deal site
  5. Enter your credit card information and hit submit!

Enjoy your deal and don't forget to make it your "fave" on mydealbag to keep track of all the deals you have bought in one place!

How to mark your "Fave" deals

Really love a deal? Then this is a way to keep track of what deals you are love or have already purchased. All you have to is click the "heart" located on the deal itself. *Please note that marking a deal as “fave” does not mean you have purchased it, you will still need to go to the daily deal site to complete your purchase.

Why can’t I buy a deal?

In order to purchase a deal on a third party deal site, you will first need to create an account with the site. Unfortunately your mydealbag login information will not work on the third party sites. If you are logged into a third party deal site and still can’t buy the deal you will need to contact the deal site that is hosting the deal, they are usually very quick to respond.

I want more info about a deal

Most questions relating to a deal can be answered in the deal's 'fine print', this can be found by clicking the pink "Get it" button on mydealbag. This will take you to the deal site that is hosting the deal. In addition to reading the fine print on the deal site, you can also ask direct questions on the deal message board.

I can’t find the deal I bought

  1. Search for the deal that you bought using the mydealbag search bar (top of mydealbag page)
  2. Locate the deal that you bought (sometimes it's in the expired deals section)
  3. Click on the "view" button on the deal you bought
  4. Click the "expired" button on the deal page - this will bring you to the deal site that sold you the deal
  5. Login on the deal site and go to "my account"
  6. Find and use your voucher

You can also search in your email account for the deal voucher; most daily deal sites will send either a purchase confirmation or the actual voucher to your email address.

Please note that some daily deal sites do not send out the deal voucher until the deal has closed. This means you may not be emailed your voucher until the end of the deal promotion.