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World of Whisky

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Clink your glasses to today's offer and enjoy a 90-minute whisky tasting experience from World of Whisky in Double Bay, guided by some of Australia's most knowledgeable whisky professionals

90-minute whisky tasting experience for one person is $45 (value $60)

90-minute whisky tasting experience for two people is $89 (value $120)

This is a formal sit-down experience with snacks provided and a tasting of six whiskies

You'll learn how whisky is made, the geography of whisky and the different types 

Uncover how to best appreciate a single malt from experts at this specialist concept store

Plus, receive up to 15% off any purchases made on the night

Tasting times are Thursdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 3:00pm - click here for availability

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When you think of barley, it's generally in the context of grain, bread and cereals. But today you can celebrate the contribution of barley in producing the malt whisky that warms our hearts with a 90-minute formal sit-down tasting experience at World of Whisky.

You'll enjoy six different whiskies, comparing notes and scores to find your favourites, while learning about the history, how it's made and the various types of this popular tipple. The professionals at this specialist concept whisky store will also teach you the best way to appreciate a single malt too!

With snacks provided to keep you going, this is sure to be a sophisticated night of fun. So if whisky is more than just a drink to you, then today's deal should have you bouncing with excitement. Cheers!