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Secure Will Kit

  • Ensure that your assets are distributed the way you want

  • Compliant with Australian law for Australian and New Zealand citizens and residents

  • Check out the 'Fine Print' tab to see all terms and conditions that apply to this offer

Keep your family secure and prepare for the future with Secure Will Kit

Do-It-Yourself Legal Will Kit for $29 (value $59.95)

Easy to complete - just fill in the blanks!

Receive an electronic soft-copy sent to your email address

Range of templates available - married; single; children; no children and more

Also suitable for co-dependent, de facto and same-sex relationships

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Too many Australians die each year without having made a will, leaving their loved ones to pick up the pieces. But with Secure Will Kit you can have your affairs resolved in accordance with your wishes and not in a courtroom. Do the right thing by your family and be prepared!