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Enhance your emotional intelligence with a six-week online course led by Knowga

Six-week 'Emotional Intelligence' online course for $25 (value $366.43)

Begin with a short series of self-assessment challenges to highlight the areas you need to focus on

Get an intro to emotional intelligence; learn how to increase your emotional intelligence; discover how you can apply these concepts to sales; and improve your leadership skills. Click here for further course details

Interactive and easy to navigate learning platform with downloadable resources including a bonus, downloadable workbook to maximise your learning

Study at your own convenience - they'll even include a handy course schedule with recommended deadlines

Received a certificate upon successful completion

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Are you a little lacking when it comes to your emotional intelligence? Or want to learn how to apply your existing knowledge in a professional setting? 'Cos today's insightful online course from the online education gurus at Knowga is the perfect place to kickstart your learning.

Boasting a plethora of engaging materials and practical activities, plus awesome tracking tools that'll help you test and improve your emotional intelligence, it's the ideal avenue to boost your skills. Make your next move the right one and click 'Buy Now' today!