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Beyondbeing Power Yoga

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Get in touch with your mind, body and spirit with one month of classes at Beyondbeing Yoga in Subiaco, perfect for first time yoga students and seasoned yogis alike

One month of yoga classes for $35 (value $190)

Over 20 yoga classes available a week - how's that for convenient? 

Explore classes like flowing and dynamic Power Vinyasa, slower and structured Vinyasa Align, and the gentler practice of Yin Yoga - check out the full timetable here

Feel comfortable in a relaxed, supportive environment guided by an experienced instructor

Plus, receive a bonus 20% discount when you purchase further class passes, or their three, six, and 12-month memberships (excluding introductory offer)

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So there's exercise that will get you toned. And then there's exercise that cultivates a powerful body, peaceful mind and courageous heart. Yep, that's why we'd go with yoga at Beyondbeing Yoga as well.

These classes focus on strong poses and synchronised breathing. Your patient, experienced teacher will help you along the way to increased muscle strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility. After all, you don't need to bend over backwards to get fit. Well, unless it's a wheel pose...