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The Secret Vein Clinic


Treat those spider and varicose veins and have stunning legs by Springtime! ! So make an appointment now at "The Secret" - A Skin & Vein Clinic: $139 ($475 Value) for 30 Minute sclerotherapy  treatment  You'll also get a vein consultation and ultrasound vein screening La Jolla clinic open Monday through Friday  Beautiful Location and Office The Secret is Out -- This is One Top-Notch Treatment You'll begin your appointment by consulting with cosmetic and vascular surgeon  Dr. Peter Mann  -- an expert in vein disorders -- to discuss your varicose and spider veins, located on any body area, along with your general health and any concerns you might have. Then, he'll inject an FDA-cleared foam into the veins themselves, potentially causing them to seal shut and gradually disappear over several weeks. If your veins are too small to be treated with sclerotherapy, the physician will use the state-of-the-art VariLite Advanced Laser, resulting in a similiar outcome. The Secret" - A Skin & Vein Clinic's  Website  |  Facebook Here's what people are saying about their Secret Clinic Experience ..I have completed 3 sclerotherapy sessions at The Secret Vein Clinic and my legs are looking great! Next week I will have the laser treatment to zap the tiny red capillary vein clusters that sclero doesn't treat. I am very excited! Next summer I am going to live in shorts and skirts! This place was awesome! I bought a deal for sclerotherapy but after having a very informative conversation with Dr. Mann, he and I realized that my spider veins were too small for sclerotherapy. So, he suggested the Veinwave treatment.  My fist instinct was OMG Im not going to be able use my deal voucher!  But Dr. Mann said he would do the Veinwave at no extra cost so my purchase would not go to waist. All through out the procedure he was kind and attentive. His assistant/nurse was also very nice. They both made the some what painful producer as pleasant as possible.