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Savvy Mummys

This powerful Philips Azur iron is a power tool for ironing with more steam and the most robust soleplate of all irons. Nothing can scratch this iron while it glides smoothly over your garment. The powerful steam boost helps you to blast all creases away easily. Together with its powerful steam performance and its Anodilium soleplate, for constant high steam output, it gives you all you need for ideal results. This range is designed to provide long lasting results and faster crease removal. Philips Azur is designed for ironing perfection -- faster crease removal and long lasting results. The Philips SteamGlide soleplate glides smoothly and easily across all fabrics, reaching into the trickiest of areas with its pointed tip with button groove. Built for optimal performance day after day, this reliable iron will not let you down. Its high steam output delivers powerful consistent steam for ideal results, every time. Some models also come with a handy heat resistant storage box for extra safety and convenient storage.