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Savvy Mummys

The Filtrino II uses Bosch's patented SensoFlow system to ensure there is no energy waste. Save up to 80% energy* by boiling only the water you need, now engineered to be as silent as possible whilst still delivering every time. This hot water dispenser delivers Brita filtered water at boiling, 90, 80 and 70 degrees for brewing a variety of teas, coffees, and infusions. The Filtrino II also benefits from variable cup size, and the ability to dispense ambient water. *200ml in Filtrino vs 1 litre in Bosch TWK6031GB Kettle. The Filtrino II allows complete versatiliy, for use in your office, lounge or conservatory, it can compliment any surroundings due to the modern design and simple style. Not only do you not waste energy boiling water you don't need to but also you can start, leave and return safe in the knowledge that only the selected amount will dispense.