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Savvy Mummys

The George Foreman 19580 cooks up to 7 portions of food on its 774 squared cm cooking surface, and contains an extended handle for ease of use. It has a sloped Grill design which channels fat and grease into a separate tray, making food healthier.: About the brand: George Foreman became increasingly aware about the benefits of eating more healthily and the dividends it pays not only in the short term but later in life. This prompted George to seek a product which allowed him to eat many of his favorite foods but in a more healthy way, without compromising on flavor or speed. In 1996 the first George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine was launched and has gone on to sell over 100 million grills worldwide. Its phenomenal success is down to its patented fat reducing design, ease of use, versatility and speed. By grilling from both the top and bottom grill plates simultaneously, cooking times were more than halved, plus unwanted fat and grease is channeled away from foods as it is cooked into the drip trays provided, for a much tastier and healthier bite.