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Savvy Mummys

Once you've used a Lock Lock container there will be no turning back. Testament to this fact are the rows and rows of them in our staff room fridge! We guarantee a 100% airtight, watertight seal in just four clicks. To test this claim we filled our samples with water, locked those chunky locks, and no matter what angle we shook them at, not a drop was spilt. 'Seeing is believing' so we highly recommend you try this test for yourself. In their element going out and about filled with packed lunches, they can go straight from the freezer to the microwave for reheating, and there's nothing fiddly about getting their lids on or off either. Perfectly sized for a decanted 1.5kg bag, a completely airtight lid will keep your flour fresh and moisture-free in the cupboard. BPA Free. 15cm sq. x 17cm H. (6" x 6¾"). 2.6 litre.