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Bella Mela Beauty Centre

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Put those winter woolies away and get your skin ready for summer with five IPL hair reduction sessions on the area of your choice at Bella Mela Beauty Centre in Jindalee

Five sessions of IPL hair reduction for lip and chin is $39 (value $150)

Five sessions of IPL hair reduction for underarms or bikini line is $59 (valued up to $160) 

Five sessions of IPL hair reduction for full female Brazilian is $79 (value $260) 

Five sessions of IPL hair reduction on an area of your choice is $99 (valued up to $560) 
Choose from lower legs, upper legs, chest, stomach, upper back or lower back  

Skilled and professional therapists are available for an appointment from Tuesday to Saturday

Say sayonara to razors and part ways with that painful hot wax!

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As much as we might wait and wish, leaving hair removal to a day before beach season won't make the process any easier. Thankfully, enlisting the help of Bella Mela Beauty Centre will! They'll use a combination of laser and Intense Pulsed Light to target the pigment in your hair using short blasts of light. They'll damage hair's follicles, removing them from the skin and discouraging re-growth.

Worried there might be pain involved? No need! Bella Mela Beauty Centre uses the latest in super hair removal for a shorter treatment, less pain and real results. So don't spend this summer fearing the coming sun - grab today's deal and enjoy bikini weather with confidence!