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65% OFF $60 VALUE

Bho Wha Oriental Clinic

  • Explore this ancient art of healing

  • Be treated by a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced practitioner

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Unveil the benefits of ancient healing in our modern world with your choice of acupuncture or cupping sessions from Bo Wha Oriental Clinic

One x hour-long acupuncture or cupping session is $29 (value $60)

Two x hour-long acupuncture or cupping sessions is $39 (value $110)

Three x hour-long acupuncture or cupping sessions is $59 (value $160)

All offers include an initial consultation to ensure you get the most out of your treatment

Acupuncture can assist with treating physical pain, sleeping disorders and mental stress, it can also work to rejuvenate your complexion and help your skin look youthful and at its best

Cupping is great for stimulating the natural flow of energy 

Visit 'em in Macgregor between Monday and Saturday 

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Try a holistic approach to healing at Bo Wha Oriental Clinic. They'll use traditional Chinese medicine to realign your body's energy (or Qi), promote healing and bring you back to a place of balance.

The clinic's accredited practitioners have years of experience, and will ensure you're kept comfortable and experience amazing results. So don't put up with feeling second-rate, experience first-class alternative medicine with this offer!