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What is virtual reality gaming? Well incase you have not seen the viral videos all over Facebook and other social media, virtual reality gaming, also called VR, is the newest trend to not only gamers but everyone alike. With VR your body is the controller and with a custom headset around your eyes you are instantly immersed in an engulfing experience like nothing else, with full 360o vision meaning you see everything like you would do in real life but in situations such as racing etc. For the first time ever it gives you a fully realistic experience which has to be seen to be believed. An amazingly unique experience for the person playing VR it is also hilarious watching your friend or family member playing, ducking and dodging with the help of the headset. This is the definition of a must try experience. With two main options of VR available either a car racing simulator where you can experience everything from rally cars, super cars, go karts and others all on a range of tracks get the fully immersed racing experience without the danger of actually racing yourself. Alternatively experience VR with a gun controller and fight for your life against zombies this is a must try for the adrenaline fuelled or hard-core gamers, neither of them for you? See the below list and get thinking of which ones are best to spend your hour on Audioshield Bowslinger DCS World Fantastic Contraption Final Approach Final Approach: Pilot Edition Job Simulator Lightblade VR Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition PaintLab PITCH-HIT : RAMPAGE LEVEL Project CARS Realities Rec Room Skeet: VR Target Shooting Space Pirate Trainer Spell Fighter VR Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic theBlu The Lab The Thrill of the Fight Tilt Brush Don't miss your chance to experience Get your voucher(s) now and get booked in.