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74% OFF $380 VALUE

Ozderm Clinic

  • You'll be treated by friendly, experienced professionals

  • Manly clinic close to public transport plus plenty of council parking available

  • Join over 680 fans on Facebook and be impressed by their 5-star ratings

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Want to reclaim your youthful glow? Ozderm Clinic could be the right place to start

Anti-wrinkle injections for one major area for $99

Anti-wrinkle injections for one major + one minor area for $149

Treatment administered by an AHPRA registered practitioner

Pay their new Manly clinic a visit Monday to Saturday

treatment areas

Major: frown lines | forehead lines | crows feet (left) | crows feet (right) 

Minor: brow lift | bunny line | smoke line

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Wrinkles? We prefer to think of them as reminders of great life experiences - every shy grin, every quizzical raised eyebrow and every belly laugh! That said, if you've decided they're giving away a little too much for your liking, head to Ozderm Clinic.

They understand all about experience, 'cause they've got a lot of it, plus a fabulous, passionate team that'll take care of you. The injections can help to relax wrinkles and fine lines for around four months, letting you get back to enjoying life!