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Jet Flight Simulator Sydney

  • Over 1.3K Facebook likes and an awesome 4.9-star review rating

  • Enjoy being the captain of your very own commercial jet plane

  • The experience is so real you'll be expecting an in-flight meal!

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Fly high with a jet flight simulator experience from Jet Flight Simulator Sydney in Alexandria, guided by a fully qualified pilot in your very own replica Boeing 737-800NG

30-minute jet flight simulator experience for $79 (value $179)

60-minute jet flight simulator experience for $109 (value $299)

90-minute jet flight simulator experience for $189 (value $399)

Includes a pre-flight briefing and hands-on guidance from an experience pilot

Choose from over 22,000 virtual airports including some of the world's most difficult runways!

Plus you can bring up to three friends to watch you in action

Available Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00am-9:00pm

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You can be the king of the cockpit with a memorable experience from the team at Jet Flight Simulator Sydney. Fly in a replica Boeing 737-800NG with an experienced pilot by your side as your First Officer. Enjoy learning how to take off and cruise, before performing a landing.

Land at your choice of virtual airport, with thousands and thousands to choose from - including some of the most dangerous runways in the world. You can also try landing in wild weather like real pilots and explore the functionality of auto pilot.  

Once you’re jetting through the clouds, the ground will feel like a distant memory. Just make sure you warn the crew if there’s any turbulence ahead!