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Centre of Excellence Online

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Immerse yourself in the psychic world with your choice from three insightful courses led by the online education gurus at Centre of Excellence

Palmistry online course for $19 (value $502.32)

Psychic Development online course for $19 (value $502.32)

Tarot Reading online course for $19 (value $613.95)

Receive 24/7 access to course materials and study at your own pace -  there is no time limit for completion

Add a certificate to your CV upon successful completion of your chosen course

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Let the Centre of Excellence help take your psychic abilities to the next level with today's mind-boggling online course offer.

In the Palmistry Course, you'll learn how to interpret a person's character or even predict their future by reading the physical features of their hand. You'll cover a range of topics including a Short History of Palmistry, What is Palmistry?, the Reading Method, The Hand and more.

The comprehensive Psychic Development Course will help you understand how to tune in to your intuition, extrasensory perception and sixth sense as well as how to give readings to others. Develop your abilities for your own benefit and the benefit of those around you.

The Tarot Reading Course will teach you how to read and interpret the tarot cards and give a detailed reading. Cover a range of topics like What Is Tarot?, Choosing Your Tarot Deck, Smudging, Storing Your Cards and much more. 

Whatever path you decide to go down, we reckon your future's going to look a whole lot brighter!