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Learn a rewarding new therapy with your choice of two comprehensive courses from the gurus at Centre of Excellence

Homeopathy online course is $39 (value $366.51)
Learn about the wonders of homeopathy and how to treat clients  

Aromatherapy online course is $39 (value $613.95)
Help bring the body back into a state of wellness using the concentrated essences of plants 

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Study at your own pace from the comfort of your home 

Certificate provided upon successful completion of either course - Recognised by the IAHT (International Academy of Holistic Therapies)

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Broaden your horizons with a choice of two enlightening courses from the Centre of Excellence. 

Train how to be a homeopathic nutritionist in this informative course, which will give you a greater understanding of this system of medicine and give you a guide to setting up your practice. The course is presented in five parts, during which you'll cover How Homeopathy Works, The Law of Similars and much more.

Aromatherapy more your thing? This course will teach you how to use concentrated essences of plants to encourage the body to return to a state of wellness. You'll cover 24 modules including Essential Oils, Blending, the Curative Powers of Smell and more, plus learn about the different systems of the body. You'll also gain the business requirements necessary to run a successful practice.