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Active Rest Chiropractic

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Why you want this Amazing Deal from  Active Rest Chiropractic: Do you have pain or swelling in your body and are unsure of its source? It’s time to stop wondering! With this special offer from Active Rest Chiropractic, you can take a look inside and see just what is going on under the surface. This deal includes Ultrasound Imaging and a demonstration of Active Release Techniques.   U ltrasound imaging is performed by a licensed doctor and the results are read during the same office visit. Active Release Techniques is demonstrated as a non-invasive treatment option offering quicker relief from the pain of knotted and spastic muscles. Let Active Rest Chiropractic put you on a path toward greater relief and healing in their intimate and relaxing Clinic located in the heart of La Jolla. Active Rest Chiropractic has been voted "Best Chiropractic Clinic" by readers of La Jolla Light for 4 years in a row and has earned a   5 STAR Yelp Rating  for good reason. Check out the glowing praise Dr. Collan Koeppen receives . Meet the Business Owner: Dr. Koeppen, D.C. Dr. Collan Koeppen provides patients with individualized and natural treatments to promote self-healing without the prescription of medication. Dr. Koeppen is a San Diego chiropractor who practices "Upper Cervical" alignments - a non-invasive, gentle adjustment to the vertebrae of the neck.  More about ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES® (ART): In an ART treatment, Dr. Koeppen uses his hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and mobility of the soft tissue. Using hand pressure, he works to remove or break up the fibrous adhesions with stretching motions, leaving his patients noticeably more symmetric and with a marked improvement in pain and discomfort. Check out one of Dr. Koeppen's 5 Star Reviews. “ As a boxer and jiu-jiteria I come home with injuries and tweaks and twerks that build up over time and really effect my performance and my life. Between pain of a rib injury and the inability to train due to injury I was feeling pretty hopeless. All I can say is that I wish I hadn't waited almost 2 months to see Dr. Collan. After the first visit my discomfort was relieved. I began training the following week, and have not felt any pain since. I continue my visits to address any issues that come up as a result of training, and have never felt better on the mats and in the ring. ART is different than any type of treatment or massage that I've ever had before and I highly recommend it! On top of that, Dr. Collan is easy to work with. Scheduling is simple and can be done online, and he [is] very knowledgeable about the techniques he uses. I am SO thankful I got connected with him and Active Rest Chiropractic. "   Rose M. SHARE  this Incredible deal with your like-minded friends,  earn $10  in Deal bucks