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64% OFF $125 VALUE

Naturopathic Wellness Center


Help yourself heal with today's deal from Naturopathic Wellness Center. Their team of naturopathic doctors will provide shots of B12, a nutrient that naturally occurs in foods, so you get the treatment you need to feel your best.

  • $45 ($125 value) for 5 methyl B12 shots
  • $89 ($250 value) for 10 shots
  • $120 ($375 value) for 15 shots
  • $150 ($300 value) for a comprehensive naturopathic health exam
  • B12 injections can help correct a B12 deficiency and alleviate deficiency-related fatigue
  • B12 may be augmented with other B vitamins and magnesium, based on customer needs
  • Methyl 12 is custom generated by Great Earth pharmacy
  • Exam focuses on your primary health goals, assessing them from a whole-person perspective and providing initial treatment steps to help you move towards optimal wellness

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