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Rusty Wallace Racing Experience


Professional drivers sate passengers’ need for speed in stock cars during exciting ride-alongs and racing experiences

Choose from Three Options $49 for a 3-lap Shotgun ride-along experience ($99 value) $149 for a 10-lap “The Qualifier” racing experience ($299 value) $198 for a 15-lap “The Shootout” racing experience ($439 value) Click here and select your desired racetrack to view available dates and times. Rusty Wallace Racing Experience engages adrenal glands with real-life rubber-burning packages that send speed demons around some of the country’s top short tracks. With the shotgun ride-along, need-for-speeders can hop into the passenger seat of a stock car and share three laps’ worth of in-the-action views with a professional driver. Each of the two racing experiences condenses the exhilaration of pro racing into two hours of hands-on driving. After classroom instruction familiarizes soon-to-be drivers with the course’s corners, students get to take the wheel for 10 or 15 invigorating laps, leaving their hair mussed, their eyes bulging, and their torsos coated in corporate sponsorships.