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Marble Top Manicure Table
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Marble Top Manicure Table

Our elegant Manicure Table features a real marble surface for you to show off your nail and spa skills upon! On the technician’s side you will find 2 drawers on one column, and one drawer and one cabinet on the other, as well as a drawer and storage space for your nail tools under the marble table top. This desk is on wheels for easy mobility. There is a removable nail polish rack and a black wrist rest. Please remember that stone is a natural product and not as uniform as man-made products. Within any slab there are likely to be color shifts and changes in granularity. These aren’t defects, they are part of the unique character and beauty of every piece of natural stone. In the case of stone, variations are the signature of the hand of mother nature or “birthmarks”. Dimensions: Length: 44 1/2” Width: 18 1/2” Height: 30 1/2” Space between columns: 19” W