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Lucky Meneko Cat and Money Talisman 925 Silver Pendant

ITEM# ST23-PE1063 SIZE: 28mm X 8mm (bail NOT included in sizing) These are Absolute SUPER Quality 925 SILVER Pendants. They are So POPULAR in our Every Day Fashion. These Pendants are So LUCKY and Fantastically Attractive to bring two Important Things for its owner: Good Luck and Beauty. Each Pendant is made from Highest Quality Sterling Silver. Each Pendant holds Real 925 STAMP, which makes it Really Fancy Gift Idea. This Silver Pendant comes as LUCKY CAT Charm, holding Good Luck Plaque in one paw, and holding up the other paw, which makes this Pendant to be Absolutely Lucky and Beautiful. This Pendant is Covered with 14 KG, which gives it more of the fancy outlook. As well, this LUCKY CAT Symbol is used in Business across the World, to Bring GOOD LUCK in MONEY and Financial Situations. Very SPECIAL Outlook and Eye Catching Design