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Amulet 925 Sterling Silver Crystal Point Natural Energy Healing Powers Pendant Necklace

Genuine Crystal Point in Pure 925 Sterling Silver Setting and Comes with Detailed Information Card. Made from Natural Gemstone and may have Natural Specks and Inclusions. Ready to Wear with Beautiful and Shiny Razor Blade Style Pure Stainless Steel Chain Necklace. Size: 7mm Wide and at least 30mm Long or bit Longer. Each Crystal Point is Naturally Unique and No two pieces are ever alike. Comes with Beautiful Velvet Gift Style Pouch. This is Very Popular, Naturally Unique and Genuine Crystal Point in Pure 925 Sterling Silver Setting. This Crystal Point Pendant is Double Terminated and made from Genuine and Natural Gemstone. Our Crystal Points comes with Absolutely Gorgeous and Beautiful Pure Stainless Steel Razor Blade Style Necklace and Makes it Ready to Wear. This Crystal Point is also Travel Protection Amulet. Natural Gemstone as well holds Healing Powers and Each will come with Detailed Metaphysical Properties Information Card and Very Nice Velvet Pouch. Stay Naturally Unique with your Own Crystal Point Amulet.