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Amulet Good Luck and Fortune Candy Gemstone 925 Silver Pendant

ITEM# ST23-PE1104 SIZE: 25mm X 8mm (bail NOT included in sizing) These are Absolute SUPER Quality 925 SILVER Pendants. They are So POPULAR in our Every Day Fashion. These Pendants are So LUCKY and Fantastically Attractive to bring two Important Things for its owner: Good Luck and Beauty. Each Pendant is made from Highest Quality Sterling Silver and Genuine Jade Gemstone. Each Pendant holds Real 925 STAMP, which makes it Really Fancy Gift Idea. Chinese has been known as one of the Oldest Languages on the Planet. That is probably the reason, why their letters and characters do not look any closer to all other languages. Chinese Characters are holding a Real Meaning, which are representing some of the Most Powerful Symbols for a Human Kind.This Silver Pendant is made to look like an LUCKY CANDY, Very CUTE! It holds Silver Sign, which represents GOOD LUCK and WEALTH meaning. This Symbol is Really Old and Popular in China, and used in every Family to Bring Good Luck, Prosperity, Abundance and Miracles.This Silver Pendant comes in PURPLE JADE rectangular Gemstone with SILVER GOOD LUCK CANDY Design Symbol across. This makes the Pendant to be Extremely Lucky for its immediate owner. Very SPECIAL Outlook and Eye Catching Design.