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Round Cut .50 CT White Manmade Diamonds Solitaire 14K YellowGold Necklace

Round Cut .50 CT White Manmade Diamonds Solitaire 14K Yellow Gold Geniune 18” Chain Beautiful Round Cut Manmade Diamond Necklace at an affordable price. This necklace features a single princess cut pendant hanging from a yellow gold gebuine 14K chain. It looks gorgeous when worn alone or layered with other necklaces. Factually A Man-Made Cut Diamond Looks Much Better Than A Natural Diamond Because It Has An Excellent Cut, D Color Our Simulated Diamonds Are Individually Hand Picked And Hand Cut By Our Professional Jewelry Diamond/Gemstone Cutters. Our Man Made Diamonds Have The Same Optical Characteristics, Brilliance, Glare, Luster, And Luminosity As A Natural Stone. Our Simulated Diamonds Are Not Made Out Of Carbon; Nor Do They the Imperfections or Inclusions That Are Often Seen In Natural Diamonds (Such As Black Carbon, Clouds, Milky Tone, or Cracks etc.