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Amulets Love Couple or Best Friends Celtic Shield Wolf Paw Yin Yang Triangle Energy Necklaces

Best Amulets® Collection. Very Unique and Special Celtic Wolf Paw Medallions with Triangle Cabochons. Each Amulet Size: 30mm. Each Medallion is made from Pure and Finest Stainless Steel. Each Ready to Wear. One Amulet comes with 22" Necklace, and another Amulet with comes with 18" Necklace. Each Comes with Cute Gift Style Velvet Pouch. Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Celtic Shield Knot and Wolf Paw Medallion Amulets. Each is made from Pure Stainless Steel and will look stunning. The Paw accent is adorned with Cute Triangle Shape Crystals and makes it Very Special and Attractive Individual Amulets. Each Medallion is created with Antiqued Black Color overlay. Look Stunning and Unique with your Own Magic Celtic and Wolf Paw Amulets. Share one Amulet with some one you Love and Care about. This Set will be Perfect for Love Couples or Best Friends Sharing. Wolf Meaning: Wolf is Symbol of Protection, Courage, staying Wise and Strong in every situation. Having Unique Intuition and Survival ability makes Wolf to be one of the kind and transforms in to Magic Powers. Triangle Amulet Meaning: Triangles have deep Spiritual meaning. To the occult, triangles represent a merging of the spiritual and earthly realms and are considered symbolic or spiritual triangles. More specifically, spiritual triangles represent triune gods as well as identify geographical spiritual gateways. Having the symbol in your life can be used to denote a connection with, or interest in, spirit and the spiritual realm. Triangle is triune nature of the Universe – Earth, Sky and Human. Triangle is one of the most powerful and universal symbols. The first of plane figures in Sacred Geometry and one of the most significant. Triangle is the first cosmic form, emerged from the chaos that preceded creation. In various ancient cultures great importance attached to this form. Triangle symbolizes the light of life. Symbol of Health and Wisdom. Ancient Egypt triangle was a symbol of beautiful and fertile land.