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WODFitters Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment and Various Accessory Pockets

Your search for the perfect cross training gym bag is finally over when you order the WODFitters Gym Bag today. Imagine when your Groupon box is delivered to your doorstep, you rip it open right away. You hold in your hands a black 18 inch long gym bag with 2 generous size side pockets. The bag is big enough to store all your gear but not too big to carry it around. You immediately notice the durable canvas construction with metal strap hooks and metal zipper pullers. You put it on your shoulder and see how the non-slip rubberized shoulder strap holds it securely in place. The shorter handles can be tied together with a hook and loop closure pad. You can’t wait to open it up and see that the main compartment is large enough to store your gym clothes, and even a travel size foam roller. One of the side pockets houses a nicely designed shoe tunnel with additional space next to it which could hold another pair of shoes (up to a women’s size 9) or extra space for your dirty clothes. This part of the bag allows you to store your shoes in a separate compartment for keeping the rest of your stuff clean and shoe-stink free. The other side pocket contains a mesh mobility pocket where you can store your lacrosse balls and floss bands comfortably. The front pocket has 3 smaller mesh pouches where you can store your wrist wraps, grips and athletic tape for easy access. No more mess here, all organized! Imagine the time you save when you know exactly where your gear is and you can grab it in a second instead of searching for it for minutes. The WODFitters Gym Bag comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Keep your workout gear organized. Get the WODFitters Gym Bag today! Or better yet, buy 2, one for yourself and one for your best workout buddy!