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Feng Shui Lucky Coin Amulet Kanji Magic and Fortune Powers Unique Charm Pendant Necklace

Best AmuletsĀ® Collection. Very Cute Lucky Coin with Magic and Fortune Symbols and Feng Shui Powers Pendant Necklace. Lucky Coin Holds Round Cabochon Crystal to make your Amulet Individually Unique and Special. Amulet Size: 35mm. Ready to wear with Stainless Steel Link Style 18 inch Necklace Chain. Comes with Cute Gift Style Packaging Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Lucky Coin Amulet Medallion. Lucky Coin is made from Stainless Steel with Antique Black Color Design. Holds Very Cute Round Cabochon at the top made from Beautiful Crystal and makes is Absolutely Special and One of the Kind. This Amulet represents Magic Powers of Good Luck, Protection, Fortune and Abundance and makes it Individual Good Luck Charm Amulet. Stay Unique, Special and Attractive with your Own Individual Lucky Coin Amulet. Chinese has been known as one of the Oldest Languages on the Planet. That is probably the reason, why their letters and characters do not look any closer to all other languages. Chinese Characters are holding a Real Meaning, which are representing some of the Most Powerful Symbols for a Human Kind.