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Have the Winter Doldrums got you down? Are you feeling off-center or out of balance and in need of some sort of motivation or pick me up? Look no further than Body Balance Now! Everything in the universe is about energy. Every human body is a channel wherein energy flows. Throughout the world, there are many names for the energy of Life including, Chi (China), Ki (Japan), Prana (India), Mana (Polynesia) or Baraka (Islamic Countries). You may also hear come across terms like "animal magnetism," "bioelectricity," or "mojo." Many refer to personal energy as an "aura" or "inner glow." No matter what you choose to call it, life energy in balance is the key to a happy, healthy life. Factors like stress, pollution, and exposure to man-made influences can affect the vital energy flow, creating imbalance which can manifest through insomnia or oversleeping, trouble concentrating, feeling dispirited and lifeless, no appetite or over-eating, or irritability. Regain your balance now with the use of personal amulets, such as Body Balance Now power balancing bracelets. Amulets are known to amplify a person's positive traits and inspire them to take action in achieving goals. Body Balance Now wants to make sure your aura is at its best for the holidays and by purchasing Your Best Deal today, you can find yourself feeling healthy, back on track and glowing in no time for only $9 (a $20 value)! No Limit. Includes Shipping. Voucher valid 48 hours after purchase.